SEO Enigma Reloaded Review :: Take Page 1

Review of SEO Enigma ReloadedIf you have websites and trying to rank on page 1, read my review of SEO Enigma Reloaded to learn what you need to do to start dominating the competition.

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What is SEO Enigma?

The SEO Enigma program is a no holds barred 200+ page Guide in PDF format and extensive video training course containing cutting edge SEO strategies that provides incredible value for the beginner right up to expert levels.

It is a comprehensive, fully fledged SEO education, the the main focus on achieving long term targeted traffic. Backed up with supporting screenshots and images, the PDF is an SEO Bible for those looking to learn the secrets of driving targeted organic traffic.

It covers every important aspect of page 1 ranking and it is accompanied by take-action guides on how to create lead generating websites.

The Training Course Includes 10 Modules:

  • Introduction
  • Keywords and Competition Research
  • Structuring Your Site To Dominate The Search Engines
  • Utilising WordPress To Gain An Unfair Advantage
  • Onsite & Offsite Optimization
  • Social Signals (powerful stuff)
  • Google After Penguin
  • Mobile SEO (an untouched playground)
  • Google Places and Local SEO
  • Testing, Tracking & Analytics
  • New Module – Google Updates and How To Beat Them
  • New Module – Creating Quality Content
  • New Module – Link-building for 2014 and beyond
  • … and much more…

The front end program consists of over 8 hours of video tutorials that is well laid out for you to follow. Includes all the strategies that are getting results in 2014 after all the latest Panda and Penguin updates. They are up to date with the very latest algorithms.

There are 2 addon products which are highly beneficial and provides extra content that will be your advantage. Although not really needed, but essential if you are serious about success.

First addon is an Over The Shoulder Case Study. Watch Jon and Anton in a 3 video series that covers all the steps they follow to get excellent page 1 rankings for keywords in about 48 hours. The content is very good and will give some aha moments.

The Second addon is Exclusive Coaching. Done privately through skype and there Facebook group, you will receive one on one training will learn their strategies and newly discovered methods.

In conclusion, if you are serious about learning how to rank and staying in front of your competition in the search results, then I highly recommend this to you.

As an SEO expert myself and have many clients ranking on page 1 for their businesses, I can honestly say that Jon and Anton have all bases covered. They have adapted to the changes and their facts and findings are actual. These are the same strategies that I use with my clients that have sustained long term page 1 results.

Make it happen and go here to get started!


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