VideoMakerFX Review :: Powerful All-In-One Video Creation Solution

Read my review of VideoMaker FX and discover how you can finally create captivating videos that sell with the least amount of effort. With this All-In-One Video Making Software, you will not have to spend anymore money on outsourcing for video making services.

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video maker fx reviewIf you have been wondering how all the top internet marketers make those catchy videos with characters or whiteboards with hand writing effects it is because they can afford to spend thousands of dollars for pros to make it for them.

If you are like me and have a small budget, then professional video maker software and services are far out of the question. That is not the case anymore!

Peter Roszak and his team have created a top quality all-in-one video creation software with all the options and effects that the pros use at a price that is less than a fraction of the cost. For $67.00, you can start making those exact kind of videos.

What is VideoMakerFX?


Watch a demo video below that will show you a little on how the software works.

This software is going to let you create those super awesome whiteboard, character explainer, promotion type videos and of course beautiful Video Sales Letters! The absolute best part about it is that it just saves so much of your time and money! Because it’s just minutes from start to finish to make your video!

There’s nothing out there quite like it, nothing that makes it so easy to make an awesome professional video!

What You Get With Video Maker FX

A complete All-In-One video creation software that is available for both Windows PC and Mac. The software comes pre-loaded with templates for you start creating nice and effective videos.

There are 2 major addons for purchase and in my opinion are essential to get the most out of this video software.

The ProThemes Pack addon comes with a great variety of extra templates, like whiteboard handle doodles, more character themes and super effects to add to any project. It is well worth the purchase as if gives you a lot more options.

The VideoProfitFX addon has business templates which are not available with the software and although not needed for your videos, this addon does come with another software that allows you to browse local businesses in your area. With this you will be able to find out if they have videos and if not, you can contact them through the software with your services.

Very handy indeed if you are into local client consulting.

I purchased both the addons and very happy with the investment as it is worth it. The software has been updated to the latest version which has better functionality and just shows that Peter Roszak and his team deliver a phenomenal product for you.

Once you have the product ready to go, you will not be left in the dark. Peter has regular webinars that shows you how to use the various templates, effects and how to get the best out the software.

Think about it…

How boring are your current videos right now? How much does it cost to have a video made for you? How much time do you spend to make a single video? It’s so important you have an engaging and captivating video these days, and your time and money are best spent in growing your business. This software is finally going to let you make awesome videos but also save your valuable time and money!

video maker fx software

Meanwhile your competitors will still be stuck making those boring lifeless image and text slideshows! You know the one’s you can’t even watch. You’re about to get to get your hands on a revolutionary new software that’s going to solve your video creation needs, and it’s nothing close to what you’ve seen out there!

In my opinion, VideoMakerFX is one of the best movie maker software on the internet which is very easy to use with very good content and templates. I highly recommend that you have a look at it.


Rob Ramos


7 thoughts on “VideoMakerFX Review :: Powerful All-In-One Video Creation Solution

  1. Ellie Peters

    Hi Rob, I just purchased this software 5 minutes ago and wanted to say how excited I am. Thanks for a great review and I am glad I got it. Time to go learn and put my first video together.

    regards, Ellie

  2. Susie

    HI! Can you please tell me if you are able to edit regular video as well? Can you also record a voice recording over the music or not have the music at all? Thanks for your help!

    1. Robby Ramos Post author

      Hi Susie, VideoMakerFX is not a video editor so you will not be able to edit external videos with the software. You can however add another video within the project using one of the templates that allows you to add video files.

      Music can be added or left out and you can add a voice recording to project under “Audio Settings”. Hope this helps.

      1. Charlotte Ann Moore

        Soo you cannot edit a video once it has been created? Can you clone a video to use as a template and then edit that video?

      2. Robby Ramos Post author

        Hi Charlotte. Yes, you can edit a video created with VideoMakerFX but not an external video. All projects are created and saved which you can edit and change within the software as you like. You can use an existing project to clone for any other video and save as your new project.

  3. Tania Reed

    Hello ! I have a question. Can you record just the voice for a video (so the voice plays while we have a slide of pictures)… and if so, how do we do that? through the computer or through a video camera?……many thanks


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